About Us

Custom Race Engines LogoCustom Race Engines, Inc. was founded by Larry Clark in 1984 to develop and market championship race engines for many areas of competition.

During that 34 year period, successful national championship performances have been achieved in multiple areas. Custom has powered many multiple round winners in NHRA’s competitive Pro Stock drag racing class. Likewise, Custom has powered several national champions in drag boat racing’s Pro Gas Hydro, Pro Gas Jet, and Pro Gas Flat classes.

Custom cylinder heads and manifolds, as well as complete engines, have competed with success in Nascar’s Cup and Nationwide series. And we’ve powered several racers to victory in Nascar’s LMS and other regional racing series.

For the last 28 years, Custom Race Engines has focused on development for the late model dirt racer’s needs as well as limited late model and open wheel modifieds.  That focus remains today and with great success! In late model dirt, Custom power has captured 7 national championships as well as multiple regional series championships.  And those championships were achieved with several different drivers.

  • 1996-Freddy Smith-Hava Tampa dirt racing series national champion.
  • 1997-Billy Moyer-Hava Tampa dirt racing series national champion and shootout winner.
  • 1999-Dale McDowell-Hava Tampa dirt racing series national champion and shootout winner.
  • 2000-Scott Bloomquist-Hava Tampa dirt racing series national champion and shootout winner.
  • 2003-Scott Bloomquist-Extreme dirt racing series national champion
  • 2004-Scott Bloomquist-World of Outlaws dirt racing series national champion.
  • 2007-Steve Francis-World of Outlaws national late model champion.
  • 2013-Casey Roberts-Ultimate Series Champion.
  • 2014-Casey Roberts-Ultimate Series Champion.
  • 2015-Casey Roberts-Ultimate Series Champion, Southern Nationals Series Champion.

And championships are not limited to the states.  We have likewise powered several champions as far away as Australia and continue to work with several racers there.

Custom Race Engines horsepower has proven to be not only reliable but unbeatable in dirt racing’s most prestigious events.

We’ve won Eldora’s major events capturing the renowned World 100 twice and the Dream 100 three times!

Custom power has visited victory lane in Missouri’s Show Me 100 an unbelievable 5 times, as well as, Batevilles Topless 100 twice. We’ve tasted multiple victories in the Dirt Track World Championship and celebrated winning the Pittsburger.

The complete list of wins is far too long to list, as well as, the number of racers relying on us to provide the drivable power needed to win.

And the development continues.  Larry Clark, son Jeremy, and staff are committed to providing the best engines and components available anywhere today. That commitment has resulted in completion of our new EPIC series cylinder head, intake, and engine designs. And new concepts for steel engines in late model as well as steel, aluminum or spec head open wheel modifieds are available. Those concepts have spun off into some powerful packages for offroad, super street or street rods as well. Fun stuff!!

Constant research and development continues daily with new engine concepts, dyno testing, cylinder head and manifold designs, and component evaluation. Partnerships with several Nascar cylinder head and valvetrain engineers continue to shape our future.  New super late model, limited late model, open wheel modified, and super street designs and horsepower are now completed.


Give us a call and we will be happy to partner with you to fulfill your needs.